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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Apr 27, 2009

This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Dusty Vorhees about new features in Freedom Scientific's MAGic® screen magnification software version 11. Find out about the many enhancements in the recently released MAGic update, and how you can apply to test the next release. Dusty also tells us about new features in our OpenBook™ scanning and reading software.

T&T Consultancy have released Say MAGic, a powerful interface between MAGic and Dragon Naturally speaking. Brian Hartgen tells us all about it.

Skype™ is a popular way to make high quality calls over the Internet. Version 4 of Skype was recently released, offering improved audio quality. It has a completely new user interface. Doug Lee has written popular scripts for Skype for use with Freedom Scientific's JAWS® screen reading software. He joins us to talk about the pros and cons of upgrading to this new version of Skype.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Play Blindness and Low Vision Product Podcast (MP3 audio) - (April - 2009)