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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Mar 31, 2020

On FSCast 182, we focus on coping with COVID-19. NFB president Mark Riccobono, and ACB president Dan Spoone discuss what these advocacy organizations are doing to help. Richard Tapping talks about product offers for students and employees now at home, and Rachel Buchanan lets us know about special training opportunities.

Mar 9, 2020

On FSCast 181, we preview Freedom Scientific sessions at the CSUN technology conference, Joseph LaFauci Offers up a JAWS Power Tip, and we get details about the latest ElBraille from Ron Miller and Adi Kushner.

Mar 2, 2020

On the archive of the February 2020 FSOpenLine, tips on listening to FSCast on your smart speaker, using TurboTax with JAWS, and your calls on a variety of topics ranging from accessible statistical software  to  the need for more advance Microsoft Teams training.