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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Dec 10, 2015

One of the stars of this season's NBC show "The Voice" is a JAWS® user. Jonathan Mosen speaks with Blind Joe about how he made it so far on the show, and where he goes from here.

Brian Hartgen of Hartgen Consultancy tells us all that's new with Leasey version 3, complete with an audio demonstration of a new game.


Nov 18, 2015

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Freedom Scientific CEO, John Blake, about the recently announced merger of FreedomScientific and Optelec.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Episode 117 - Jonathan Mosen and John Blake discuss the merger of Freedom Scientific and...

Nov 11, 2015

Jonathan Mosen speaks with George Calvert, a user of our JAWS® screen reading software who became blind just over three years ago. An experienced professional Working in the field of information technology, he has relearned how to use a computer without sight. His free eBook, "Getting Back to Work with JAWS", is...

Oct 27, 2015

As the JAWS® public beta process concludes, we've introduced some enhancements to the Smart Navigation™ feature. Jonathan Mosen demonstrates them.

Dr. Craig Moore has worked for NASA since 1989, and currently works on the new space launch system rocket project. He talks with Jonathan about his work.

And Ashleigh...

Sep 14, 2015

With the first public beta imminent, Eric Damery joins us to discuss more new features in our JAWS® 17 screen reading software, and how to best participate in the beta process.

Dusty Voorhees then joins us to talk about an update to our MAGic® 13 screen magnification software, which is Windows 10-compatible and...