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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Apr 19, 2016

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Jeff Bishop from the University of Arizona, which is using the Tandem feature of our JAWS® screen reading software to help provide quality tech support to students and faculty members who are blind.

The Seeing Eye's 8th online auction begins on April 25. Jim Kutsch tells us about how you might be able to pick up a bargain while supporting the work of the world's oldest guide dog school.

And Peggy Chong, "the blind history lady", tells us about her historical and genealogical research which has resulted in her beginning to publish a series on blind history. JAWS is playing a crucial role in her work.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Episode 124 - Using JAWS Tandem to provide technical support, Seeing Eye's 8th online auction and "The blind history lady"