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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Aug 31, 2018

This episode of FSCast contains a recording of the first FSOpenLine session.

If you are listening in a podcast app that supports chapter marks, each question and section is its own chapter, making it easy to skim through to the topics that interest you.

Topics covered in the August FSOpenLine include, the move to our new building, some of the new features in JAWS 2019, the accessibility of webinar software, requested Braille improvements, future FS webinars, JAWS with Microsoft Edge, the next version of Windows 10, JAWS 2019 beta’s impact on JAWS 2018 users, the talking mouse feature in JAWS, ElBraille, Jaws+Windows+F4, copying text to the clipboard with Google Chrome, JAWS and PowerPoint, making JAWS available to more people, JAWS on ARM processors, the future of FSReader, and JAWS on the log-in screen.

Check our blog and social media feeds as we’ll soon be advising the date and time of our next FSOpenLine.