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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Feb 28, 2014

The CSUN conference is fast approaching. Learn about exhibits, giveaways and educational seminars from Freedom Scientific.

In a world first, the Colombian Government is collaborating with Freedom Scientific and our Colombian distributor, VER, to make our JAWS® screen reading software and MAGic® screen magnification software available to anyone who needs it, and in every public location it may be useful. Valentina Wieser joins us from Colombia to tell us all about it.

Over a decade ago, a little girl named Rachel Flowers wowed CSUN with her musical ability. A JAWS user, Rachel is still making music. She joins us to share her story, and to treat us with one of her compositions.

In the first of a new series called JAWS Bytes, Jonathan Mosen looks at the additional power JAWS brings to working with the Windows clipboard.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

Episode 87 - February, 2014