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Freedom Scientific FSCast

May 26, 2009

This month's FSCast discusses the use of the social networking site Twitter in conjunction with JAWS® screen reading software and PAC Mate Omni™ accessible Pocket PC.

Jonathan Mosen speaks with Shannon Reece, Pratik Patel, and Mika Pyyhkala, who actively use Twitter with Freedom Scientific products. They discuss what Twitter is, how to sign up, and some third party applications and services they use to make the most of it.

Jonathan then speaks with Sean Randall, the author of Jawter, a set of JAWS scripts that give you access to Twitter from within any application while JAWS is running.

We're then joined by Jamal Mazrui, author of McTwit. This is a powerful application written specifically for blind Twitter users, with functions accessible using a series of keyboard commands.

If you use Microsoft Outlook®, you can send and receive tweets, and run Twitter searches, right from within your inbox. The Chief Executive of TechHit, Alex Kovalchuk, tells us about TWInbox, formerly known as OutTwit.

While the main Twitter site works very well with JAWS, Accessible Twitter offers a number of enhancements that makes the Twitter experience easier. It's creator, Dennis Lembree, tells us all about it.

During our discussions, we mention a number of other Twitter tools. Here are links to a few.

Twikini is a Windows Mobile Twitter client that's easy to use, and works well with PAC Mate Omni.

Twittermail facilitates the sending of tweets via e-mail, as well as scheduling tweets to be sent in the future.

Twimailer provides detailed follow notifications, so you can see some recent tweets from people who are following you.

Tweetlater offers many powerful enhancements to Twitter, including automatic sending of welcome messages and e-mailing a digest of replies.

Show Host: Jonathan Mosen

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