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Freedom Scientific FSCast

Feb 27, 2007

This month, FSCast features an interview with Dusty Voorhees, one of our product managers at Freedom Scientific. We'll talk about MAGic® screen magnification software. You'll hear what makes MAGic unique, what's new in the MAGic 10.5 release, and learn about an exciting new edition of MAGic. Dusty also has great news for OpenBook™ users, as he updates us on the OpenBook development cycle.

Jonathan Mosen then speaks with Terry Clasper and Brian Hartgen of T&T Consultancy in the United Kingdom. We learn about how you can control your computer completely by voice using the J-Say solution for JAWS® and Dragon® NaturallySpeaking™. Brian, who is not a computer programmer by training, discusses how he learned to write such powerful JAWS scripts. We hear about what's in store for low vision users regarding access to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and find out about what support is available for users of the Windows Vista™ speech recognition.

Play Blindness and Low Vision Product Podcast (MP3 audio) - (February - 2007)