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Freedom Scientific FSCast

May 14, 2019

Eric Damery joins John and Larry Gasman to announce product specials that’ll be available at the ACB and NFB summer conventions, and discuss details of the April software updates. The Gasman’s demonstrate recent improvements to JAWS and Fusion heading navigation when on the web, and Mark Arnold returns to the...

Apr 9, 2019

John and Larry Gasman catch up with Jonathan Mosen and find out about his work with AIRA, Terry Bray talks about being a JAWS beta tester, and Larry Lewis explains how JAWS Inspect visualizes the screen reading experience.

Apr 1, 2019

News about our free training webinars and other learning resources, a preview of improvements to student licenses, what's coming in the JAWS April update, and  of course your calls.


Transcript available at

Mar 8, 2019

Glen Gordon joins John and Larry Gasman to provide the backstory on why we now offer podcast transcripts. Eric Damery remembers some of the early CSUN technology conferences and sets the stage for the one occurring the week of March 11. He also offers a sneak peek at the new Picture Smart feature included in the JAWS...

Feb 5, 2019

The January JAWS update brings a more streamlined method of  installing Vocalizer Voices, along with sounds to indicate spelling errors in Microsoft Word and Outlook. John and Larry Gassman show these new features in action and chat with Eric Damery about them., They also offer up  the Freedom Scientific presentation...